Associated member

Use our environment for your growth

Gothia Science Park is a central innovation environment for new knowledge, new meetings, cooperation and innovation. Here you can find a unique mix of entrepreneurs, researchers and representatives for companies offering funding. Altogether, this creates a place where entrepreneurs and companies craving development and growth.

Parts of the environment are designed to create easily-accessible meeting places where people can meet in order to exchange ideas and develop new partnerships. Gothia Science Park’s strategic location within a five minute walk from the central station means that the environment can easily be reached from Gothenburg and Stockholm as well as Lidköping and Jönköping.

Huge opportunities to take advantage

Not all business people and entrepreneurs that continuously find themselves in our environment work in companies here. Far from it. As a representative for information technology companies, there are huge opportunities for you to take advantage of and contribute to networks, activities, competence development, knowledge transfer and funding opportunities at Gothia Science Park.

We welcome you to use our environment for your own development and that of others at the same time as your company expands from another geographical location than Gothia Science Park.