Business Incubator

A quicker path from
idea to business

Do you have an idea you want to develop? Welcome to meet one of our experienced business developers to get free advice on how to proceed.

We can help you develop your business model, complete your team, look at how to finance the business and everything else that you need to solve in order to achieve success in your business.​ You don’t have to prepare any material before we meet. It is enough that you have an idea you would like to discuss. To get from the idea stage to actually start your own business can be both scary and complicated. But we are happy to help you put together the pieces. Our business development is free, open for everyone and completely confidential.


Do you have a scalable idea that have international potential? Do you have high ambition and want to dedicate yourself to your business? Then you have the ability to get accepted into our business incubator, one of Sweden's best business incubator programmes, where you get support with building your business and access capital for growth.


    • your own office with the right equipment and beneficial terms and conditions so that you can focus on product development, sales and running a growth company
    • your own business coach that gives you advice on business development
    • a well-defined process for business development, which plans your success
    • access to expert competence from all business coaches, such as those within funding, market, finance, unbundling etc.
    • competence development within sales, marketing, leadership, board work and finance, among other things
    • an innovative environment with easily-accessible meeting places and daily meetings with entrepreneurs as well as researchers and decision makers