Rooms and processes for effective meetings

Copy is otherwisInterior design and technical equipment. Coffee, lunch and fruit. Floor-to-ceiling whiteboards for creating visual objectives on which the meeting participants agree. This may sound simple and like the basic conditions for a meeting environment. Yet, this isn’t the case.

We’ve purposely worked in order to create a range of different meeting environments and tools so that you’ll be able to conduct successful meetings. Successful in the sense that you and your company achieve highly-placed aims and objectives with the meeting.

What are your needs with regard to your meeting or your development work?

At GSP, there are rooms with whiteboards covering entire walls, projectors, sound systems and portable screens as well as rooms for reflection, customer meetings or for being creative. We’ve created conference environments based on the idea that they should support your work in every detail, regardless of whether you are 2, 10, 27 or 146 people.
Here you can read more about our environments and what conditions they offer. Hopefully, you’ll also gain inspiration as to how the environments can be furnished in order to suit your own purposes and goals, whether you’re looking to hold a customer event, establish guidelines for your company’s three-year development, organise a business lunch or a process-led development meeting in order to turn an idea into a sellable product.

The conference package is the foundation

When you book your arrangement at GSP, the key element and starting point is the full-day conference package.
Included in the package is conference assistance, meeting rooms and equipment as well as two coffee breaks (coffee/tea with cakes or sandwiches), a conference lunch in Restaurang Orangeriet in Portalen, fruit, coffee, water and material for taking notes. The price per participant is SEK 435/full day.

In addition to all the equipment specified per room, there’s always the opportunity to borrow conference computers, OH-projectors and extra portable screens.

We welcome you to conduct your next meeting here, in our environment.