Educational Game Changer 'Cloud Islands' For International, Private Market

Ludosity Learning is proud to announce that its Cloud Islands, a game currently in trials in Swedish schools, will be made available to the world and the private market, following a successful crowd sourcing campaign.

"It feels great to finally reveal our massive undertaking to the wider world", says Pontus Askbrink, CEO of Ludosity Learning. "Cloud Islands is such a huge and ambitious project - but one the world needs, and wants. That's why we're choosing to use crowd sourcing for the international launch". 

Cloud Islands is a project five years in the making, a massive online game for students and kids to have fun and to learn a few things on the way. On the wider scale, it's a game about collaboration, equality and democracy. It's also a game filled with adventures and minigames tailored around concepts and subjects. "It's important to point out that our design pillar has always been 'fun' though", Pontus adds. "We wanted to break away from traditional edu-games, that frankly, have been lackluster. We're making a truly fun game that competes directly with entertainment games, and our approach to learning is centered around mechanizing, or gamifying, a concept rather than cramming a subject into a game mold".

Kickstarting an international launch

After a series of successful trail runs in a number of Swedish schools, we have observed an increase in students' motivation, attendance and willingness to learn. We now want to bring Cloud Islands to the world. Our Kickstarter campaign is now live and can be found at (link is external). There you will find much more information about Cloud Islands.

About Ludosity Learning

Ludosity Learning is the sibling studio of Ludosity, a Swedish outfit behind critically acclaimed titles like Ittle Dew, Card City Nights and Progress. Founded in 2012 and headquartered at Gothia Science Park in Skövde, Sweden, it's comprised of a talented development team as well as teachers and cognitive psychology researchers.

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