How to position and market your game

It's more important than ever that developers understand how to position and market their games and secure attention from press and streamers/influencers for their projects. This session with Audra McIver, Strategic Commander at Plan of Attack, will give you many valuable insights and tips.

It's a pretty well-known fact nowadays that the video games industry is supersaturated at best. This used to only be the case for mobile, however Steam has also seen a tremendous increase in games being published on the platform every month, and console is not too far behind.

This session will focus on the aspects of marketing which must be considered and planned for in order to get your game the attention it deserves. There will also be time to discuss some ways to determine your product positioning, target market and how and where to use this information to maximize your impact, despite having a small team and/or a small budget.

You will be guided by Audra McIver, an expat American living in The Netherlands, Audra has 14+ years of experience in all-out PR warfare. With a career spanning San Francisco, New York, Madrid and now Amsterdam, Audra has infiltrated two continents with her PR expertise in managing high-level, indie, multilingual and multicultural campaigns. In 2013 she joined forces with Chris Clarke to begin Plan of Attack where she fights in the trenches with clients including Versus Evil, MAG Interactive, Gaijin Entertainment and many more.

The event is organized by Gothia Innovation AB.

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