Santa Stole the Christmas won Sweden Game Jam Winter Edition

December 9-11 Gothia Innovation AB in collaboration with Solutions Skövde AB and GSP Makerspace hosted the last game jam of the year; Sweden Game Jam - Winter Edition. 

The event gathered 14 people who formed three teams and the theme of the event was RED. 

Team 1, called Lamebait, made a first person puzzle game called Crooked Crops where you, a Grinch like witch, had to gather the correct type of Mandrakes to prepare a potion.

Team 2, called X-Mas Llamas, made a VR game called Santa Stole the Christmas where one player was Santa-turned-evil in VR, and his task was to prevent the eight additional player-elves who were bringing gifts to the Christmas tree. 

Team 3, called The Dragons, made a 2D hidden objects kind of game called RED: Planet Redemption, where, through a few puzzles, you had to discover all the red stuff.

- The grand winners were the X-Mas Llamas with their awesome VR game Santa Stole the Christmas, says Laura Bularca, Production Coach at Gothia Innovation AB.

You can try RED: Planet Redemtion here

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Photos: Sebastian Bularca