Silverspin continues to grow

Silverspin is experiencing continuous and controlled growth. Growth in both the organisation and its field of expertise is necessary to be able to develop a platform in an industry whose growth is snowballing.

- I enjoy technical challenges to be able to quickly manage growth in both the number of users and the number of transactions. The job is getting harder and more tough, but also more fun and interesting, says Gunnar Buason, development manager for the company since summer 2017.

He is also motivated by the challenge in building both the organisation and structures which can cope with development of the platform design and architecture.

- It’s about finding the balance between growing in terms of the organisation and being agile in working to deliver long-term solutions. We need to avoid short-term design choices and solutions which are based on technical debt and create problems in the long-term.

"I was attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit"

Silverspin was founded by Tomas Nimstad in 2013 and, at the beginning of 2018, had 49 employees. The choice of Skövde and Gothia Science Park as the location for its establishment was very closely thought out.

- Tomas looked at several national and international options, but ended up deciding that smaller locations are best to create a stable organisation, as when compared to large cities, there is less competition in terms of skills and other aspects, explains Buason and turns to Annika Dahlin, HR manager, who herself came to the company in May last year.

- I was attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit and the great feeling throughout the company. There's a huge level of commitment and a desire to create a good working environment, supported by prioritised HR work, Annika explains, and also emphasises the freedom to put her own stamp on how the organisation and its culture are developed.

- There is a huge and stimulating level of trust to be managed, in order to create strong opportunities for Silverspin to grow locally in Skövde, as well as benefiting from the advantages of being part of the Jackpotjoy group.

In just 6 months, Annika and Gunnar have put a major stamp on the company, and the results are very promising.

- We are constantly growing and have a significant focus on our employees. They are fantastic, and they also take huge amounts of responsibility for allowing new colleagues to grow into their roles at the right level and at the right speed, praises Annika.

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