Game trend spotting with Rocket Hammer

Rocket Hammer is one of the game studios that is currently a part of Gothia Innovation's incubator program - The Game Incubator. They were recently invited to showcase their team and their game, Lance A Lot, at the game festival Ludicious which took place in Zurich on January 26-28. Upon their return, we took the chance to ask them about the event.

Rocket Hammer, what did you do at Ludicious? 

While there, we met tons of other developers and business contacts. We had loads of people drop by our expo space to ruin friendships in Lance A Lot. The event was a great place for meeting other developers who shared the same level of passion for creating amazing games that we do. Got a great chance to show the game to customers from the Swiss market and hopefully increase sales there. I believe that our many language options could prove helpful there seeing as the country is multi-lingual. We also established connections to publishers and event arrangers from around Europe that wanted to see our game at their event. 

What is your general impression about Ludicious? 

A general focus on the business side of games (at least the talks), also a lot regarding gamedev practices as tools in everyday life (lifestyle, education, etc). Small and cozy, but still a decent amount of people attending to check out the games and the talks. During family days we had a nice stream of people stopping by and the game practically handled itself as it is easy to pick up and play right away. Lots of amazing developers from around the world. Only high quality projects were displayed since Ludicious has a selection process for the expoed games. There were projects from their partners at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Zurich University of the Arts), that had been selected by the school for their high quality as well.  

What industry trends did you notice at Ludicious? 

At Ludicious, we noticed quite a lot of small-scale, easily accessible VR games like VR-Pidgeons, Hell-Elujah etc. However the VR titles with a registered success were all coop/multiplayer. The event featured quite a lot of local multiplayer games (possibly because they are great at expos). The games that focused on Story usually had something to do with modern political values and regarded subjects such as individuality, morality and politics. 

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Photo: Tobias Forsling